Chronic Thought of the Day [8.29.13]

Its been so long since I posted on tumblr I almost forgot wtf to do on here. I been so wrapped up in teitter I havent had time to atleast blog something here. My poems. My paintings. Life stories & mishaps. Etc.
Lots of shit has changed since I last was on here. Life has just been throwing me some tough times, no curve balls for me. It seems their all strikes.
I currently live in Cambridge, ohio. I moved from pennsylvania to over here a couple months ago. Its been 8 lofng months since I left texas to start a new life. I miss my family so damn much. & luckily I got to see them in june. Took a plane & dropped in by surprise. Twas a good two weeks. Got to see my homies, my family, & best of all maryjane.
I been trying to take it easy over here, everything is different. But of course nothing can ever stay the same.
I hope I still have some followers after such a long pause. But who will even care to read this? Im just another lost soul roaming this earth…
-jenny elizalde